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New Developments are the top selling properties on the Costa del Sol. Over 200 New build contemporary design apartments, villas, townhouses all free of urbanistic and legal problems.
New developments offer between 5% & 7% comision on sales. You will make a lot more money on each sale as it will all be direct from the developer.
We can load all the new developments on your website in less than 5 minutes. Not only that, we update the content in a daily basis so that your visitors always have fresh and updated information.

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And that means every single one of them. We have close relationships with all the developers so that we get fresh information on new development releases. Don't miss out on the hottest property sales!

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Sace Time and MoneyAdding over 240 listings to your real estate website demands a lot of time and effort. It would take hundreds of man hours to have most of the developments listed. You also need to know who the developers are, what they are promoting, have an in-depth knowledge of each development, availability, location, price changes, floor-plans and making sure everything is up to date. We do all that for you!