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The system will guide you through the registration process. This will configure your account, contact details and give you access to the member’s area.

Copy the code provided in your active subscriptions

Simply copy the code provided in your member’s area. Technically speaking is an “Iframe” that loads the content on your webpage.

Create a new page on your website and paste the code

You can insert the code on any webpage, including WordPress, Joomla, Html. That’s It! Your website will be displaying over 200 new developments.

Will it work on your web page?

Of course, it works on all web pages without exception … but don’t believe us … try it!
Create a new page on your website and call it “new developments” or something similar, copy and paste the code that we provide here below and view the page you just created in your browser.

English Feed

<iframe src=”” name=”” onload=”scroll(0,0);” scrolling=”auto” frameborder=”no” align=”center” height = “3100px” width = “100%”> </iframe>

Spanish Feed

<iframe src=”” name=”” onload=”scroll(0,0);” scrolling=”auto” frameborder=”no” align=”center” height = “3100px” width = “100%”> </iframe>

Frequent Problems with Word Press
First thing you need to do before you “Paste” the code is making sure the page is in HTML or TEXT mode NOT Visual mode.
Word Press has a tendency to re-write the code adding and deleteing HTML tags.
You must delete the tags underlined in red.
Make sure the onload=”scroll(0,0);” is present in the code as it will be probably have beed deleted by wordpress

Warning! Once the test is done and you see that it works, delete the code because you will not receive the emails from the users who will contact you through the form. Create an account and replace the code by the one we will provide you in your member area.

It will show like this…

Have a look at these websites so that you see how it looks like once the code is installed.

What you get when a visitor contacts you

On every property listing, visitors can contact you regarding that particular property, you will receive on your email: Name, phone number, email address, a link to the property page, the name of the development, information and contact info of the developer & links to download relevant development information, including brochures, floor plans, price list, etc

Updated daily

We update the database daily so you do not have to. Our main concern is to be up to date with all developments so that our database is up to date. We update prices, availability, photos … everything!!

In English and Spanish

All developments are translated in English and Spanish and you will have access to both from your account. We will add more languages soon.